Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Chippy Yellow Dresser for sale at Farmyard Darlings!

Chippy Yellow Dresser 17

Hello all!




SO excited to share this latest piece with you all! Seriously!!! If this dresser was edible, I would eat it. ALL OF IT. Every. Last. Bite. And I think if it was edible, it would be a heavenly lemon pie...but I'm getting ahead of myself! Brace yourself, ladies. This one is just too cute. I can't stand it.

So here she is beforehand...lost...forlorn...in need of some sunshine in her life...

Before Yellow Chippy Dresser

And now...


Yellow Chippy Dresser

Yellow Chippy Dresser 4

Yellow Chippy Dresser 6

Yellow Chippy Dresser 3

Yellow Chippy Dresser 7

Chippy Yellow Dresser 16

Chippy Yellow Dresser 15

Chippy Yellow Dresser 10

Chippy Yellow Dresser 9

Chippy Yellow Dresser 12

Chippy Yellow Dresser 11

Chippy Yellow Dresser 13

Yellow Chippy Dresser 5

Yellow Chippy Dresser

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Right?! I just need to squeeze something right now because I can't believe how lovely this piece came out. I truly just hold my breath and send many, many, many prayers to the Lord as I'm painting each piece because I usually hit a point during the process where I'm frantic, afraid it's going to look horrible, and sitting on the floor in my painting clothes frustrated and tired...but in the end perseverance and trusting it's going to work out for my good wins in the end!!

So not only am I just thrilled to have completed this, but it's now for sale at Farmyard Darlings in Lafayette!! This is the part that kept me awake last night and the reason I keep pinching myself throughout the day. I cannot believe that something that I created with my wee little hands and in my wee little home and with my wee little family surrounding me and encouraging me...has now been placed in a FOR REAL retail space and is OUT THERE. In the PUBLIC. Where real ladies on real shopping trips come in and buy REAL items for their REAL homes and decide whether or not this dresser, or that mirror, or this chair, will be what they want their own families, friends, and loved ones to decorate, live with, and use...

It's just...I can't even describe the feelings right now!! Amazing! I feel so privileged and honored and just humbled by that thought!!! I hope my little contribution gives someone even the smallest amount of happiness and satisfaction when they look at it and consider its bones, its beauty, its color...

Farmyard Darlings have been so wonderful to work with and I'm so happy to partner with them on this item!! Their store is just what they are--darling! Go and walk through their store! But be prepared you're going to want to buy everything in it. :) Here's their website: www.farmyarddarlings.com. Have fun shopping!

I want to be jumping up and down right now in my kitchen but I'll refrain. But I am on the inside. I want to say more...but I've gotta run so I'll have to stop here. I think I need more time to take this all in...it still feels so surreal. And strange! I never would have thought in a million billion years I'd be painting furniture, or having a piece being sold in a store to other like-minded decoratesses! :) I'll write more later. Thank you Lord for this amazing privilege!!

I wish all of you a sunny and bright day!!

Peasant Living,



  1. This little lady is GORGEOUS! And I don't normally like chippy furniture, but this one I love. Hope it sells for you. (Over from MMSP linky)

  2. Thank you Sharon! I'm honored.

  3. What a gorgeous, sunny piece! Beautiful makeover!

  4. I love this piece. It is gorgeous in all its chippiness! What color did you use? I LOVE it!!!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  5. Thank you Stacey! I used Mustard Seed Yellow from Marian Parson's line of milk paints called Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. All of her colors are gorgeous! Check them out!

  6. Super cute! What an awesome transformation!

  7. Gorgeous! The yellow chippiness is perfect.

  8. love the yellow it turned out gorgeous and i would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know

  9. Hi Nicole! I had a question for you about sharing your post on the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint blog. If you could email me at heidi@missmustardseed.com, I'd really appreciate it.


  10. I absolutely am amazed at your talent!

  11. What a beautiful sunny piece. Makes me even more anxious for spring. I have just started using Miss Mustard Seed Paint and I have already developed a serious crush!! Can't wait to try all the colors!!!

  12. Beautiful work, Nicole- keep it up!

  13. I love the ingredients as well as how beautiful the pieces look when finished. I am truly inspired! Thank you for the wonderful blog!

  14. Your dresser is just gorgeous!
    I'm also over from MMSMP blog. You have a new follower in me! I'm off to look around a little more.

  15. Question for you - did you layer the yellow over red, or is that just the dresser's original finish? Trying to figure out how to get milk paint to chip down to one color if you layered paints. Wonderful!

    1. That is the original finish--it bled through a bit the first round so then I sprayed it with shellac to seal it and then did a second coat of yellow.